We sat down with SEOMG! co-founders Dan and Luke to find out what’s in a name – how it came about, the logo, design and how it all ties to our company ethos – to put the wow factor into everything that we work on. Enjoy!


SEOMG! is a purposefully fun and light-hearted name, but how did it come to fruition?

Luke: We were going back and forth for a while and then the name ‘The SEOGs’ came up, which gave us a big laugh!

Dan: Which led Luke to say ‘SEOMG’ as a joke to make me laugh – which it did, but I thought it was brilliant and had to stay! Luke was quite unsure at first – but we thought “use it for now and maybe change it later”.

Luke: Dan managed to convince me and all the branding and colours came off the back of the name – transforming SEOMG! from an idea into reality. Our ethos was to bring a human side to SEO as it is usually too formal – with LinkedIn profiles that are a bit dry or too corporate. The ‘!’ was added to the name because people kept reading it as SEO – MG, so we had to emphasise the ‘omg’ aspect.

Is SEOMG! a commentary on your SEO ‘nerd status’? #seobsessed

Dan: We are focused on SEO and there’s nothing wrong with that. We saw a gap in the market to be purely SEO specialists. 

Luke: Yeah! We realised a lot of clients wanted SEO at the core – no fluff, just expertise. Some clients like broad scope – but our angle is specialist. It also feels almost impossible to forget the name as it includes SEO in the title.


Discuss your experience in the field

Luke: We think our focus on pure SEO separates us from the competition – it’s very clear that this is our focus. We’re not trying to spread ourselves too thinly.

Dan: It’s all about reclaiming what SEO is and being upfront about it. Surprising people who think SEO is just about having good content, and having a real focus on technical SEO, is what we’re about. We’re always surprising clients with how far organic impressions can go – it’s so much more profitable than spending a fortune on paid ads and promotion.

Luke: We saw enormous growth for some of our clients – one of our clients received 50% of their growth purely through organic SEO over their other digital marketing channels.


What does the rest of the company look like?

Dan: We want to be able to bring new people into the industry – it’s a great long term career and you can really develop in it. A lot of agencies are focused on bringing in senior staff members. In our previous roles, it was very challenging to find people – it was a bit of a shallow pool. It felt like these agencies weren’t really driving the future when hiring, with all of them fighting over the same few candidates. The most satisfying hires we made in those previous roles were ‘junior hires’ and seeing them do well.

Luke: Yes I agree, we’re really focused on our training programme and how we guide our new recruits; thinking properly about structure and briefing to make sure we are supporting them.

Dan: We know that this will be more beneficial in the long term, rather than throwing recruits into the deep end for short term results.


How did the logo come about, and were you involved in the design aspect?


Dan: You can’t have the name SEOMG! with a sterile looking website or logo – we tried to move away from an overly corporate image.

Luke: I was playing around for a whole day with so many colour variations because we wanted something bold and different. It got to the point where Dan was growing a bit impatient, he thought ‘lets just pick one’!

Dan: Yes, Luke wanted super bold colours – bright pink was a clear contender from the start. I thought we’d go for the new dark theme approach as it was a bit more modern and current.

Luke: I was quite worried to start with and Dan built a website with the dark theme – my first thought was ‘hacker vibes’, so I wasn’t too keen. But then adding the bright colours alongside this began to create a neon/80s look – which stuck. Our main colours are pink, purple, turquoise and yellow.

Dan: Again, to highlight the ‘!’ we positioned it in a different colour to make it clearer and add another dimension to the logo.

SEOMG! logo

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