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Make work-life balance a priority

At SEOMG! we value work-life balance. The freedom that a 4-day work week brings is invaluable for continued productivity when in the office – because a happy and fulfilled team is a hardworking team.
Flexibility comes into the foreground of our working culture. Affording our team with flexible working hours allows for mutual respect and communication, in order to make the working week ideal for everyone.
Since starting with SEOMG! it’s been great to have a flexible approach which enables me to balance my home and work life. But equally there is a great team here with a good work ethic. There is an attitude to getting things done to a high degree of quality.
Work of which I can feel proud.”

Dom Calisto – SEO Consultant

Do your best work. With composure, not chaos.

At SEOMG! a 4-day week, means 4 days work – not trying to squeeze 5 in.

We have a reliable process in place to help with successful workflow. Prepping for the month ahead allows us the benefit of realistic resourcing to not only devote the right amount of time to our clients, but also not create employee ‘burnout’ with a task overload. Through efficient processes and systems we ensure time for you to focus on the work you care about and less on ‘busywork’ or admin.

“Working in a place where your time, work and opinion are being appreciated, where you get to do a variety of challenging and interesting tasks, where you get to show initiative and work autonomously, and all that alongside an amazing team is extremely rewarding, to say the least.

Sasha Picugina – SEO Analyst

Work with integrity and trust

Integrity is essential to assure our best efforts are put into our work for an output we can all take pride in.

Mutual trust builds an atmosphere where individuals can thrive and in turn the business can grow. We trust in our staff as they can trust in us to provide time protected for mentoring and training, where everyone in the agency is well equipped to be relied upon to drive results.

Having a reliable team means we will never outsource our work or white-label with other agencies.

As one of the new recruits, I’ve appreciated the experience and guidance of the whole team. We’re not expected to do more than we can deliver which means we can focus on providing high-quality services for our clients, as well as have a work-life balance that keeps us energised and happy!”
Sam Hadley – SEO Analyst

Personal Growth

At SEOMG! there is the opportunity for personal growth and involvement that could lead to owning and being responsible for internal projects.

We encourage an attitude of self assessment combined with consistent 1-to-1 meetings with line managers, where personal objectives can be agreed upon – in turn, individuals can be allowed the space to improve and feel happy and valued at work.

“It’s so rewarding to be part of a company that is visibly growing month by month. It is our team’s passion for learning and their ambition to experience new things that keeps things fresh every day. That and a steady supply of excellent local coffee!” 

Oli Robertson – Content Marketing Consultant