The cherry on top of your SEO strategy

Grow organic search traffic, and brand awareness, earn top-tier media coverage and get quality backlinks to your target website pages with Digital PR. 

From boosting your brand awareness among new audiences to driving new high-quality leads to your website, and ultimately growing your Domain Authority, Digital PR can help your brand achieve mentions and backlinks from online publishers with high domain authority scores – helping your business climb through the Google rankings for competitive keywords. 

We offer tiered work-streams across link-building, surround sound SEO, proactive and reactive media relations, thought leadership, content strategy and creative campaigns to meet short and long-term objectives. 

Our team has over a decade of PR experience for B2B and B2C clients across multiple markets.

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Our Approach to Digital PR

Always on

We use a blend of drumbeat tactics to monitor and improve the health of your backlink profile, including:

  • Technical link-building
  • Surround Sound SEO
  • Proactive & Reactive Thought-leadership
  • Forward features & journalist requests
  • Newsjacking & data storytelling 
  • Content amplification 
  • PR support & integration 


We have six steps to storytelling success

  1. Absorb client brand messaging & analyse competitor backlinks
  2. Ideate for cultural and seasonal audience trends, geographic and demographic interests, and more
  3. Pitch ideas, creative proposals with PR story angles, and link-worthy content suggestions
  4. Scope selected idea(s) with tiered budgets
  5. Earn media coverage in target publications
  6. Evaluate, and repeat

What is Digital PR?

Our Digital PR team are the experts at getting your brand seen in the right places.

We can design a tailored digital marketing strategy with the aim of increasing your overall online presence and attracting new customers to your business.

Backlinks and mentions are the heart of a Digital PR strategy.

Not only do backlinks from well-respected, high domain-authority websites help to increase your own authority and rankings on Google’s SERPs, but they are also a great method for getting your brand seen by the right people.

The importance of Digital PR

Offsite activity is an essential pillar of SEO and is increasing in prominence as we enter the future of search.

If you’re looking for a powerful way to enhance your brand’s online visibility, rank higher for keywords that deliver business impact, and generate awareness, Digital PR is your best option.

Consider it a grown-up version of link-building, with a focus on publishers, influencers, social media and storytelling.

Our digital PR team has the knowledge and expertise to support your business across a number of different media verticals and geographic markets.

Our experience in PR, content strategy, creative strategy, and data insight can help support varied objectives.

How can Digital PR benefit my business?

The enhanced brand signalling which comes from Digital PR is a major factor for ranking higher in Google’s search results.

In addition to building and protecting your brand, a great Digital PR strategy can help to increase your online visibility for prospective customers via direct and organic search.

What Does a Digital PR Strategy Look Like?

Our Digital PR campaigns encompass a wide range of tasks designed to help our clients increase their domain authority.

Every campaign can look very different, but each one we conduct has the same end goal: to secure mentions and backlinks.

Backlinks obtained by networking with journalists, outreaching to bloggers, and partnering with influencers can be achieved at scale over time by following a strategic roadmap.

How Can Digital PR Help SEO?

Including Digital PR within your SEO strategy is a recipe for success. 

Digital PR is a fundamental part of building backlinks, a key area of SEO strategy. 

For example, when one of our PR team provides a journalist with a resource, such as attributed quotes or press releases, these can get published with a link back to our client’s website. 

We always target publications with high domain authority scores and relevance to your industry. The higher the authority linking back to your website, the more authority is attributed to you. 

This increases the power of your domain – resulting in higher-ranking positions. 

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