Technical Foundations

Businesses sometimes struggle to understand the value of technical SEO, meaning you can’t secure the required budget. Your website (and visibility) can suffer as a result. Solid technical foundations are the building blocks by which we’ll help you achieve search success. No two websites are the same, so we’ll treat yours with the personalised care, attention and expertise required to make it sing. Get the technical SEO side of things right, and your content will perform how it deserves to.

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Solution Seeking

Our team of senior technical SEO experts will conduct regular audits of your website to uncover the hidden barriers to both search engines and people. We don’t see problems, only opportunities, and our solution-driven approach means we’ll always find a way. Your success is ours too, after all.

Prioritising every opportunity by the effort and time required to implement versus the impact it’ll have ensures that we can make the biggest splashes first.

Our technical SEO offering can be broken down into three distinct pillars:

Full Technical Audit & Strategic Roadmap

With a technical SEO pedigree established over many years working with some of the world’s biggest brands, we are well equipped to address and overcome challenges facing websites.

It all starts with getting under the hood of the engine, otherwise known as the technical audit. 

The equivalent of taking your website apart, inspecting every individual part before putting it back together again, a technical audit identifies each and every barrier to both search engines and humans from fully accessing your website. It lays out, in clearly digestible terms, what each issue is, the impact to your business and the steps required to remedy them. The audit’s findings will be graded according to the effort required to implement the fixes versus the impact they’ll have to your visits and bottom line.

The below list is a selection of the main aspects of websites that we assess as part of our technical audit:

• Site architecture and navigation:

It’s essential that websites are organised as clearly and simply as possible, to enable both users and search engines to find the pages that matter, fast. We’ll provide recommendations around improving the site architecture (i.e.: where pages are situated in the site’s hierarchy), navigation menus and URL naming. This all helps to ensure that pages sit within the most appropriate categories required for optimal SEO performance, helping to avoid duplication and attribute maximum authority to core pages.

• Internal linking:

By assessing which pages are linking to which others, we can focus on how best to maximise the flow of that all important ‘link juice’ to the highest priority pages, helping them to rank better and to make it easier for your visitors to find them.

• Site speed and web vitals:

Speed is everything when it comes to website functionality. Should your pages take too long to load, visitors will leave before taking any useful actions. Search engines can struggle to fully render and understand slow loading sites as well. By providing recommendations to improve your site speed, we’ll set you on the path to low bounce rates and improved conversions across all channels.

• Content depth and uniqueness:

Poor quality, duplicate or thin content negatively impacts both search performance and user engagement. By identifying problem pages and setting out a roadmap for improvements, expansion and optimisation, we can ensure that your content delights your users just as much as it does search engine spiders.

• Redirects, broken pages and canonical tags:

Landing on a broken website page is frustrating, right? Your first instinct is to simply leave. We’ll identify any pages that are broken or redirecting to the wrong place so that you can get them fixed straight away, opening up the correct pathways for your users to follow once more. Canonical tags tell search engines which version of a page they should be indexing, so it’s important that these are implemented correctly. Our roadmap will clearly specify which tags need to be added, and where.

The technical audit complete and roadmap of actions agreed upon, it’s then onto the next phase of the technical SEO rollout.

Implementation & Validation

How you’d like to get technical fixes rolled out is entirely up to you. With years of experience spent working alongside developers, we are well attuned to operating in harmony with differing project methodologies. Alternatively, give us the keys to the car and we’re happy to keep the engine running ourselves. As far as validating our fixes, we utilise industry-renowned site monitoring tools that alert us to onsite changes on a daily basis, helping us to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Once each element is actioned, we’ll benchmark current performance so that we can report on success…and help you continue to get buy in both from your superiors and the wider business.

Always-on Technical Support & Housekeeping

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your own team. That means we are on hand to provide the same level of support and input as we would as full-time employees. The first thing we do each and every morning is carry out what we call disaster prevention checks. This means evaluating all the core web vitals to ensure optimal search performance can continue unobstructed.

Assessing the impact of any site changes, we can quickly confirm that things are bedding in as expected, or if we need to change direction, instantly logging any tickets with your development team. Our suite of tools can also help spot any site changes that may have been made without your prior knowledge or approval, for example by a different team. We can then swiftly take action to mitigate any hidden risk.

Ranking changes and competitor activity will be monitored and checked on a weekly basis, helping you stay informed from a strategic perspective. We’ll then document and get to work on opportunities for the month ahead.

Let our technical knowhow shine through for you – get in touch with our award-winning Brighton SEO agency below!