SEO Strategy

A lack of strategic direction is a major obstacle to getting important (and fun) stuff done. Together, we’ll help set a collaborative strategy and roadmap to ensure sustainable and long-term growth. We can create an SEO strategy from scratch for you, or help feed into your own team’s plans. And then we’ll turn those ideas and plans into reality, on time, on budget and set against rigorous forecasting for which we hold ourselves accountable.

Much more than simply telling you what we’re planning to do, an all-encompassing SEO strategy represents a living and breathing body of insightful data, analysis and work that will vary on a client-by-client basis.

The Process

Assessing your online presence from top to bottom, we aim to strike the right balance between technical, content and offsite SEO, depending on the size and demands of your business. The overarching aim will always be to give you the edge over your competitors.

We promote true flexibility in the way that we work and encourage our team to work in the ways that makes most sense to them. By only working with experts, we help our team to grow with the business.

All of our activity will be connected to the initial research and onboarding processes. It will constantly evolve in line with an ever-changing search landscape.

Broadly speaking, the SEO strategy element of our work can be broken down into the following areas:


Scheduling an initial kick-off meeting helps us to understand past activity and to align our goals and ambitions together, mapping out and explaining the tasks we’ll be undertaking before we get down to the next phases of the strategic process.


It’s essential that we take stock of where you’re at from a search perspective before laying out our broader SEO strategy. We’ll benchmark your site’s current search visibility against competitors to help inform priority areas to focus on, as well as to set ambitious yet realistic growth targets. This will allow us all to understand what success looks like, and to accurately report on it.

Keyword Research

We conduct keyword research to understand the search landscape around a set of topics. There are often multiple ways to phrase the same idea, and keyword research gives us a list of them all, along with the data and insight to help us choose which areas to target. This is fundamental to attracting new users to any given website, as it provides invaluable data to enable us to optimise metadata and on-page copy for the most popular search terms.

Competitor Analysis

Fully understanding the competitive landscape in which you operate is the key to search success. Using a suite of industry-leading tools, we will assess what your competitors are doing well (and not so well) and provide a framework for how we’ll draw level and then pull ahead. Central to this is a full content and keyword ranking analysis that determines what content ‘gaps’ exist, together with a strategy for addressing them.

Custom Reporting Dashboard Creation

Data should be as beautiful as it is insightful. Our custom built reporting dashboards will help us to measure performance against pre-agreed KPIs, providing clear and insightful analysis that can be shared with and clearly understood by those within your organisation.

We use a suite of advanced software to stay abreast of developments relating to your website’s performance on a daily basis, however we’ll keep the reporting sessions to weekly (bullet point commentary) and monthly (in-depth performance review, insight and actions) timeframes. This helps us to streamline the meeting cadence and focus on our ‘getting stuff done’ mantra.

Strategic SEO Strategy & Roadmap Creation

It’s only once we’ve taken care of all of the above that we’ll move onto the strategic SEO roadmap creation. This is the bible which will help us maximise performance, hit and surpass those agreed targets. Our SEO strategy roadmap provides a clear indication of what we will be undertaking and when, with the forecasted impact, who will be required to ensure recommendations are actioned and, crucially, what it all means in layman’s terms. 

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