As the UK begins to re-evaluate its working week due to the shift COVID has brought to the office lifestyle, being a company who already believes in the benefits of a four-day week, we thought we would share our experience of how we make it work to such good effect.
We established a four-day work week from the inception of our Brighton SEO company back in 2020. At SEOMG! we value our teams work/life balance. The freedom that a four-day working week brings is invaluable for continued productivity when in the office – we firmly believe that a happy and fulfilled team is a hardworking team.
Flexibility comes to the forefront of our working culture. Affording our team flexible working hours allows for mutual respect and communication, in order to make the working week ideal for everyone.
The team at the UK Search Awards

Four-day week, five-day salary

Lots of companies are starting to move towards flexible working arrangements. For example, there is a handful of companies in Brighton offering four-day work weeks. For most companies trialling the four-day week, it’s expected that salaries would be reduced in line with the overall reduction in working hours. At SEOMG! we are unique in this respect, as we ensure we work a four-day week with no pay loss – this allows the benefits of a full time job and the freedom of a part-time job.

No work overload

The four-day work week provides health benefits as we do not expect staff to ‘squeeze’ 5 days worth of work into 4. This ensures a happy team that is not overworked – we only ever commit 80% billable time to staff to allow for some breathing space.

Our business is ‘always on’

The way we structure our four-day week enables us to fully deliver on client expectations as we have a rota system in place. This means that members of the team alternate between having Monday, Wednesday and Friday off – allowing the business to always be ‘on’, benefiting both staff and clients. 

Paid overtime

If staff feel they have more time to offer and we have enough client work for them, we offer the option of paid overtime – which is great when employees are looking for a little extra cash in a given month.

Structure, Systems & Processing

We have a reliable process in place to help with a successful workflow. Prepping for the month ahead allows us the benefit of realistic resourcing to not only devote the right amount of time to our clients, but also not create employee ‘burnout’ with task overload. Through efficient processes and systems we ensure time for you to focus on the work you care about and less on ‘busywork’ or admin. 

Industry leading tools

We also ensure the best quality work with the use of industry leading tools, that we provide training on for all employees. 

Team Talks

Oli: “It’s so rewarding to be part of a company that is visibly growing month by month. Our policy of recruiting and training fresh recruits from scratch, rather than fishing in a familiar senior talent pool, ensures that our people grow as the company does. It is that passion for learning and their ambition to experience new things that keeps things fresh everyday. That and a steady supply of excellent local coffee!”
Sam: “As one of the new recruits, I’ve appreciated the experience and guidance of the whole team. We’re not expected to do more than we can deliver which means we can focus on providing high quality services for our clients, as well as have a work/life balance that keeps us energised and happy!”
Sasha “Working in a place where your time, work and opinion are being appreciated, where you get to do a variety of challenging and interesting tasks, where you get to show initiative and work autonomously, and all that alongside an amazing team is extremely rewarding, to say the least. When I started at SEOMG! I didn’t know a single thing about SEO but thanks to comprehensive training and continuous support from my management I’ve managed to progress in my role quite quickly.” 
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